Acrylic Earrings

Acrylic Earrings


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These bangers are created from 3mm laser cut acrylic. Choose from one of our new Summer collection filled with 14 of your fun childhood characters! Re-live nostalgia by hanging these hot things from your ears.


Humpty (Playschool), Mr Squiggle, Berk (Trapdoor), Ozzie Ostrich (Hey, Hey it's Saturday), Mulligrubs, Gumby, E.C (Lift Off), Pingu, Agro, Rattus (The Ferals), Corridor (Plasmo), McDuff (Johnson & Friends), Fat Controller (Thomas the Tank Engine), LambChop, Alex, Alf, Alfalfa, Amelie, Austin Powers, BeetleJuice, Burgandy, Dr. Frank N. Furter, E.T, Gizmo, The Godfather, Herman, Home Alone, Indiana Jones, The Joker, Kramer, LeeLoo, Mia (Pulp Fiction), Mr. Bean, Mrs. Doubtfire, Neo (The Matrix), Edward Scissor Hands, Slimer (GhostBusters), Theodore (Her), Travis (Taxi Driver), Urkel (Family Matters), Wednesday Adams (The Adams Family), The Wicked Witch, Zoolander

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